Brijuni Adventure Race


Adventure athletes enjoyed in two categories: light and ultra

The sports recreational club Puls from pula, together with the Brijuni national park, Bi-village camping, Tourist boards of Pula and Fažana and the county of Fažana organized this adventure race. The race was held in the area of the Brijuni national park, Fažana andthe greater Štinjan and Vodnjan area.

105 teams were registered to start: 28 in the ultra and 77 in the light category. The race started at 11:30 in front of the church in Fažana for the ultra category and at 08:20 from Brijuni islands for the light category. In the light category all the teams started with 20 seconds between them. This event was a special treat and experience for all the participants. The participants had to take part in 6 events: swimming, running, mountain biking, kayaking, diving and getting around an obstacle course in Bi-Village camping. The goal of the race was to find all the control points in as little time as possible using topographical maps. GPS devices were not allowed to be used. The race consisted of 3 transitional areas at which the participants would get a new maps. The course of the race was kept a secret and this is the first time that the maps were not given to the public before the race. Competitors came from Slovenia, Italy, of course Croatia and even from Belgium. This race was a great opportunity for the adventure athletes to show their skills on this beautiful but challenging terrain. The organization of BAR 2016 (Brijuni adventure race as it was known) is supported by the tourist boards of Fažana and Pula which for the Tourist cluster for southern Istria.


  • 1.Salomon Suunto adventure team (SLO) Tilen Potočnik i Klemen Udovič 6:59:34
  • 2.Dildo boysi (HRV) Ervin Radulović i Igor Buić 7:01:07
  • 3. KVART (HRV) Igor Dorotić i Ana Rumiha 7:10:22
  • MIX
  • 1. KVART (HRV) Igor Dorotić i Ana Rumiha 7:10:22
  • 2. SRK Puls mix jedan (HRV) Andraž Hribar i Vedrana Maršić 7:29:49
  • 3.Pustolovec Rajd Amfibija (SLO) Barbara Jolič i Jure Zmrzlikar 7:51:07
  • 1. OK Polaris BD (SLO) Blaž Petrovič i Dušan Petrovič 5:19:44
  • 2. Štajerska tim (SLO) Klemen Kotnik i Simon Krampač 5:20:20
  • 3. SRK Puls (HRV)  Siniša Božičković i Igor Prenz 5:30:27
  • MIX
  • 1. Pantosi (HRV)  Deana Škorić i Alen Živolić 5:49:36
  • 2. ime (HRV)  Matea Milovan i Josip Pavlin 6:12:08
  • 3. Dovč tim (SLO)  Jan Dovč i Katja Dovč 6:16:00

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    […] Tourism is widely spread all over Brijuni Islands. This year, you are invited to enjoy Brijuni Adventure Race that will be performed on 17th of September. It will consists of six events that include swimming, biking, kayaking, running, abseiling and diving. The goal of the race is to discover all the check points that will be placed all over the National Park and counties of Fažana ,Vodnjan and Štinjan. No GPS is allowed, so you’re dependant on a map and a compass. If you would like to participate, register on this link ( […]

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