Levan Survivor

This was the first race we organized. 45 teams teams that took part had to overcome the race course by cycling, running, biking and kayaking and by using only their compasses and maps.The mens competition was won by the Salomon – Intersport team consisting of Rajko Kračun and Klemen Udovič from Slovenia and the mix competition was won by the Vaitapu team whose members Robert Pobežin and Meta Dagarin were also from Slovenia.

Race Announcement

Levan Survivor: The Movie

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Kamenjak Survivor – Land of the dinosaurs

13.06.2015 Adventure race KAMENJAK SURVIVOR In cooperation with Medulin county and Public corporation Kamenjak we organized an adventure race which took place on Kamenjak peninsula, a protected landscape of significant value. Ultra category numbered 30 teams (two competitors each), light category was the most crowded with 59 teams (also two competitors each) and the only singles category, Super Single Light, had 41 competitor. Put all together these a little over 200 competitors broke the record for most participants in adventure races in Croatia.

Poredak trkača: https://www.stotinka.hr/hrv/dogadjaj/85

Race Intro

The Race

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BiVillage Adventure Race

This time cooperating with AC BiVILLAGE, Valbandon and Fažana counties we organized and adventure race that took place in Fažana and Štinjan just west and north of Pula. There were 70 competitors in the singles category. The race itself was very dynamic and fun to watch and consisted of the following events: trekking, mountain bike orientering, shooting a bow and arrows and overcoming a water obstacle course.The race was overwhelmingly won by a member of the club Andraž Hribar from Slovenia. Continue Reading

Brijuni Adventure Race – BAR


Cooperating with Brijuni National Park and the tourist bord of Fažana we will organize the BRIJUNI ADVENTURE RACE which will take place in Brijuni National Park itself.
The race will consist of six events: swimming, running, biking, kayaking, diving i abseiling. The goal of the race is to find all the check points as fast as possible using only a map and a compass (no GPS is allowed. The check points will be placed all over the National Park and the counties of Štinjan, Vodnjan and Fažana.

  • Race date: September 17th 2016
  • Country: Croatia
  • Region: Istria
  • Host town: Fažana
  • Events: Trekking, MTB-O, Kayaking, Abseiling, Diving, Swimming
  • Race course: 40 Km (light), 80 Km (ultra)
  • Categories: women, men and mix
  • Team limit : 200 (100 per category)
  • You can signup from Jan 1st 2016
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